Saturday, April 18, 2009

Live Music Returns April 24th

The news that the Midnight Sessions will be returning to Friday Night Swing on April 24 has taken the blogosphere by storm. Just hours after Autumn LaVarta made the official announcement via his chat status message last week, the news had been picked up by every blog of note and all of the major news networks.

The Huffington Post, Boing Boing, and Perez Hilton immediately pounced on the announcement, each one claiming to have broken the news first.

"We haven't heard of the Midnight Sessions," said a spokesperson for The Huffington Post, apparently trying to distance the hugely popular blog from the controversy. "We're sure they're quite good, but we have made no mention of them on our site. We wish them, and Friday Night Swing, all the best."

Spokespeople for Boing Boing and Perez Hilton had not returned our calls as of press time.

CNN's Anderson Cooper will be airing a 60-minute investigative report on the Midnight Sessions upcoming stint at Friday Night Swing on tomorrow night's Anderson Cooper 360°. The special -- called The Midnight Sessions and Friday Night Swing: Smashdown to the Armageddon? -- is expected to be Cooper's most-watched show and is the odds-on favorite to dominate next year's Peabody Awards.

"The implication that we're doing a show on the Midnight Sessions playing at Friday Night Swing is preposterous," said one of Cooper's executive producers. "I haven't even been interviewed about this. Everything I'm being quoted as saying right now is entirely fabricated."

The bottom line? You would have to be completely out of your mind to miss the Midnight Sessions playing their sweet swing tunes live at Friday Night Swing on April 24th. Any swing band capable of generating this level of buzz and controversy -- collectively known as "buzztroversy" -- is not to be missed!

And that's the truthiness.

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Stephen Colbert said...

I can see the headlines:

Adam Lambert Defeats Pope in Internet Poll