Monday, July 26, 2010

Swangosa - Swing, Argentine Tango, and Salsa

My break is ending, I'm going back into the Friday Night dance business, but Friday Night Swing is not coming back. Instead of just swing, this new Friday night dance will feature swing, tango, and salsa. The location, amazingly, is the old Block Party. You may remember that February 29th, 2008 was our last night in the beloved Block Party. Because of recent events, Cheryl Burke Dance closing down the Metronome location, the Block Party is reopening as a stand alone neighborhood studio. Already they have a full calendar of classes to check out.

Swangosa's opening night is August 6th - 8 pm. And it is free! So tell your friends or just bring your smile so that you can meet new ones and drop by and see what Swangosa is all about.


Autumn LaVarta