Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Live Swing Band to Play at Friday Night Swing

After being hounded off and on for three years, Autumn has finally agreed to let local swing band The Midnight Sessions play at Friday Night Swing.

"They wouldn't leave me alone," Autumn said. "They started leaving strange packages on my doorstep. On Monday, the drummer left a series of weird messages on my answering machine, saying things like, 'You still have an answering machine? Ha ha!' Finally, I caved in. Against my wishes, they're playing at Friday Night Swing on March 6th."

"It's very unfair for Autumn to imply that we've been hounding him," said Emily Wade, the band's vocalist. "The fact of the matter is that Autumn has been harassing us -- showing up at our workplaces, leaving bizarre messages on our cell phones, giving our addresses to Mormon missionaries. After our restraining order against him failed to give us peace of mind, we agreed to his demands. So yes, we're playing against our will at Friday Night Swing on March 6th."

Who is telling the truth? Has Autumn been tormenting a local swing band? Have The Midnight Sessions been forcing swing-dancing venues to let them play? There is only one way for you to find out -- and that is to attend Friday Night Swing on March 6th.

The intermediate swing class starts at 7:30, with a beginning class at 8:15. Then dance all night to the slick rhythmns of the greatest swing band in the history of everything!