Sunday, February 28, 2010

March 12th: Shirley and Dave do FNS "Their Way"

Since Autumn and Christine will be in Irvine on March 12th getting ready for the 24 hour dance-a-thon, Shirley and Dave are finally receiving their big break—they get to do Friday Night Swing their way! I'm not sure what "their way" really means, but they seem to be pretty excited about it. They're going to teach beginning Lindy from 8pm-9pm. From 9pm on, DJ Sarah Quan will play her favorite "chunky" swing tunes, which she's pretty sure will make you want to tap your feet, and maybe even dance.

On Friday March 5th, as usual, Autumn and Christine will be teaching beginning Lindy from 8-9pm. Then, after the lesson, while Christine dances and enjoys herself, Autumn will agonize over which songs will please the most dancers, and as time passes, will becoming increasingly indecisive and distraught to the point that he'll just hit the shuffle button on itunes, and hope for the best. Pathetic, but it's fun to watch!

And finally, mark your calendars for April 2nd. Le Hot Sauce V comes to Friday Night Swing. Teachers for the evening will be Carla Heiney, Nick Williams, Kelly Arsenault, and Mickey Fortanasce. We'll have more details up soon.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

New Music this Friday February 5th

I'll be sneaking new songs into my playlist this Friday. Mills Blue Rhythm Band, Andy Kirk and His Clouds of Joy, and John Kirby are just a few of the bands that I'll be featuring. I'm also thinking of sporting a 'stash like Snidley Whiplash just for fun.